Teresa Franklin MEd, LPC, NCC

I believe that all change begins with the determination to make something different in ones life. Feelings often control the choices we make and cause reaction instead of response to situations. Counseling is an opportunity to do self discovery and look at what needs are to be met. I really enjoy helping others to find behaviors that meet their goals and consider responsibility for what they can change. I am a Christian and will guide others with spiritual guidance if preferred.

Because of my education background, I am more qualified to work with children and adolescents however,it usually involves working with the adults or families. I enjoy working with individual adults as well as couples in my practice as well.

I have been trained in peer mediation by Pax United, Love & Logic and Prepare and Enrich. I have been a leader in women’s ministry and enjoy working with women issues. I am a school counselor and am familiar with the needs of the students educationally,emotionally,and socially.